The Lion: a new symbol for Active Logistics

The Lion: a new symbol for Active Logistics

From the beginning, Active Logistics shined for his own traits.

The asphalt and the green are our representitive colors; the quality and the punctuality of the service our leading aims.
We try to be sustainable and eco-friendly as much as we can, achieving important certifications.
Active Logistics loves working as a sport team.
Also for this reason, we have introduced a new feature for our brand.

During Transport Logistic 2019, a new symbol appeared in our stand: a lion!



The lions live in group. They create and consolidate their team, and then they move together.
The lion is an active animal, a symbol of bravery and elegance. And our company is made of bravery too.
We are a team of people trying to feed our personal lion, to reach our goals and to experience as much as we can.
We are dynamic and active in our everyday work and in all the ventures we support.
Active Logistics is always in movement, driving along thousands of kilometres for his clients.
We are active in every perspective of our philosophy.


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